Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekend Road Trip- Fresno/Clovis

     This weekend we wanted to take our oldest son to the Museum of Valor in Fresno. We had read online they had a really good collection of war memorabilia and the museum is run by Veteran volunteers. The museum did not disappoint. We had such a good time looking at all of the artifacts, letters and stories about soldiers who have served our country. Our son was able to relate that these were people, many of whom were from our own state.

     While we were in Fresno we checked out Yoshi Now. It's a huge warehouse full of vintage clothing and treasures. The owner was nice enough to steer us to a little Mexican restaurant and we were off to our next adventure. YUM!

     Then it was on to Old Town Clovis to visit an antique mall. I had no idea what a cute little town this was. It's full of antique shops and boutiques. We enjoyed browsing and treasure hunting. I highly recommend The Foundry Collective for their cute clothing, inexpensive jewelry and super fun housewares.
Yoshi Now

Yoshi Now

Clovis Antique Mall
Overall a very nice, educational and fun weekend!

Monday, June 22, 2015

A summer dining room update.....

     Saturday my older son, Little Rural, wanted to go to an antique store. So, we headed to downtown Bakersfield to look for a store we hadn't been in recently. We walked in the door of Timeless Furniture and Antiques. This used to be a furniture store with an attic antique store but now the entire first and second floor are an antique mall. Score! Though Little Rural didn't find lead soldiers for his collection I stumbled on a set of old school chairs.

     I have a love affair with chairs. I have often fantasized about opening a store devoted to vintage chairs and reupholstery. These school chairs with their pea soup green color were not only comfy but priced well too. I showed my husband who was less enthusiastic. I pleaded my case. Wouldn't these look great with my farmhouse table? He rolled his eyes. So, I left without them, but continued to show him Pinterest and internet posts of farmhouse tables paired with vintage modern chairs. Clearly I was on to something.... I think.

     Sunday I ran back to the store and got the chairs as soon as they opened. The dealer gave me a great discount on all six (I'll store two) and I gleefully piled them in my car. The store owner asked if we could go have lunch sometime soon. I love making new vintage collector friends. The day was great and a makeover was born......

Another view

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Add a little artwork.....

     I was very excited to pick up Little Rural's artwork today. I found this set of four military prints in an antique shop. They had really ornate silver frames, grey matting which was perfect and had plexiglass. Though they were pricey for a child's room makeover they are very mature and will hopefully be enjoyed for many years. I wanted to pull my hair out  easily hung them in a grouping and I'm really happy I caved and purchased them.

     Today was a long, hot day with no internet. I was in a bummer mood. However, a lovely friend and neighbor came by with a surprise. She was cleaning out her brother's house and came across a rusty wagon she thought I'd love. What a sweet friend. I can't decide if I want to leave this as is or do a little DIY. Should it be book storage or for outdoor use? I'll have to stare at it on my porch for a few days while I figure things out.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Little Rural's room continues.....

     Another keeper in Little Rural's room (can I still call him that at 8) is his antique bed. I purchased a set of these beds on Craigslist a year or so ago and, as they were in two different states, I decided to paint and distress them. The beds are about 100 years old and very strong. Little Rural's room will still have some navy blue so the bed is perfect.

     Now that we have the foundation pieces in place (bed, bookcase, book racks, cabinet) we are shopping for artwork and bedding. I want layers and textures. I want patterns! I want sophisticated but still youthful. I have been searching PB Teen, Restoration Hardware Kids and many other websites. However, as I like a bargain, I think we'll head to Ikea today to see what they have that might work. I did spot a fabulous grey pinstripe duvet cover... hmm....

     Recently a friend messaged me and asked if I'd be interested in some crown moulding. It was leftover from her own home and sitting in the barn. Free crown moulding? Yes please. Her husband kindly dropped it off. After measuring this weekend we have enough of the 6" moulding to do ALL THREE bedrooms. We'll also have enough of the 3" to do at least one, but possibly all three of our bathrooms. Wow, free crown moulding. I can't believe it. So excited to have Mr. Rural install this!

The crown moulding will really cover up my painting flaws add a special touch to the bedrooms. I'll have more on that installation later.... and now on to Ikea!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Little Rural's Room Makeover

     Our older son has been in our back bedroom for many years, since probably his first birthday. He has also been sharing with his three year old brother since he came home to us at 15 months. Needless to say he was ready for a change and, well, I don't mind decorating.

     The first thing we decided to do was switch his room to the front. This will allow him to go to bed later and get up earlier without his brother waking up. Bonus! I chose a grey color for the walls. I wanted sophisticated and something that will suit him for quite some time. I chose Ominious Cloud by Clark and Kensington. Two coats of this primer plus paint were perfect....

     Next up, we chose furniture from his old room, and from our "fostering" room that he wanted to use in his new space. He kept his bookshelf which we purchased earlier this year at an antique store. It's solid oak and painted in a distressed grey. We also kept the Ikea spice rack book shelves and we are repurposing the vintage china cabinet to house his WWII and lead soldier collection......

     His antique bed will also be staying but there will be many fun additions. I'll show you my mood board. I think the room has the same feel....

Now it's time to shop for some new bedding, a rug, and some artwork and decorative pieces. In other words.... the fun part. We'll be hitting up some salvage yards and antique stores this weekend in search of a few great pieces.....

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The chalkboard tags...

To make the chalkboard tags for my metal rack I had to go custom. I couldn't find any ready made tags in the right size. 

Hobby Lobby had packs of rectangle wood in their unfinished wood isle. Mr. Rural drilled holes on either end. I then painted them with two coats of chalkboard paint. 

Per instructions I then rubbed the tags with chalk and erased. However, I decided to use a water based chalk pen instead of chalk for a more durable label. I then sanded the words a bit to distress them. 

I can remove the words with water

Monday, June 8, 2015

Salvaged industrial rack.....

     A good friend of mine texted me a photo. Do you want this wire rack my mom is selling for $10? my eyes nearly popped out of my sockets. Industrial metal rack? Complete with baskets? Are you kidding me!! I had to wait for this to be brought down from Northern California but it was well worth the wait. Once it arrived I was even more excited to see that the cart wasn't flat but that it larger on the bottom and got gradually smaller. The baskets are three different sizes. I knew this would be perfect for my youngest son's room makeover. Now, I know I'm showing off my older son's room makeover but we are actually redoing something things in both rooms. I just couldn't wait to show this off.....

The first step was to give it a color. I went with a royal blue spray paint for a quick update. 

I decided to leave the baskets as is. I added some custom chalkboard tags using wood drilled for two holes, chalkboard paint and a chalk pen. These pens are great for the look of chalk but less of a chance of a little one wiping them away. You can remove the "chalk" with water. 

I still have to fill it up, finish a couple last tags and move this into the correct room. I'm so excited about how this turned out. What a great $10 find! 


Sunday, June 7, 2015

I'm baaaacckkk

     After a long absence while we've been fostering it's back to blogging. What better way to kick things off than with a total room makeover. My oldest son has been very excited about having his own room again. We've brainstormed and picked out what we are keeping, as well as what we are parting with. I'm very excited to get started. First step, painting the now tan walls a lovely grey.

     A few things that are definitely transferring from the old shared bedroom or being repurposed for this room......
Vintage curio cabinet

Ikea spice rack book shelves

vintage grey bookcase

     The curio cabinet was the first thing my older son asked to use. The bottom is great for legos and smaller toys. The top is ideal for displaying his WWII collection and vintage metal soldiers (a new passion). The bookcase, purchased at an antique mall, is solid, the right color and is always jam packed with Little Rural's current favorite series. 

     Check back for my progress.....


Sunday, April 12, 2015

Fostering update...

     It's been so long since I've updated my blog. That makes me sad. I've had many fun projects over the last few months that I want to add here. This weekend I picked up a Singer sewing machine base that I can't wait to transform into a little table. Pinterest is littered with ideas for these heavy bases so I simply need to pick a direction and go for it.

     Part of my inability to keep up with the blog has been our reentry into foster care. In December we switched from begin certified with an FFA (Foster Family Agency) to being county licensed. This was supposed to open up new opportunities for us and we had hoped to have some calls from the Adoption Unit. However, by March it was still quiet, not a single call.

     My good friend, who is also a foster mom, told me to add myself to the ER list. These foster parents take cases of children who have just come into care. ER foster homes, otherwise known as EFH, keep children for 21 days while family is located, visits are set up, court detains the child formally and a long term foster home can be found. These home may also choose to roll their placement over into a long term placement should the case look like something they can manage.

     Just two short hours after being added to the EFH list we had our first call. A newborn baby girl. It has been five weeks and we are in love. Of course! However, as much as it breaks our hearts this little girl will be leaving to family in 2-4 weeks. Though we are happy for her our journey continues to find our own forever daughter. We are still open to one or two girls under six. I'll update you guys again soon. I may even start a fostering blog so this blog can remain focused on chickens, projects and the like.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

A vintage table makeover

My mother in law had two sturdy tables that were in need of love. I gave her a few options and ultimately decides to paint them. They aren't antiques or some special maker though that hasn't stopped me before. 

I decided on a really pretty blue from Clark and Kensignton and I was off. Since the tables had uneven wear on the top I had to sand them well. Then I primed them with a good quality primer. Next up were three coats of paint. 

Weather was not my friend so these sat and waited. I finally got enough sun to distress and antique one of the tables using stain. I'm happy with the results and now get to do it again with table two.