Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New year, new ideas...

Most people begin thinking about their New Year's resolutions shortly before the bell chimes midnight. I'm a planner and thus have been thinking about my own resolutions for about a month. This will be my thirtieth year, a milestone to many, and a year I have been dreading for quite some time.

It's hard to say goodbye to one's twenties. Thirty seem like the beginning of the "real" adulthood. This year I set some goals, because resolutions never seem to come to fruition. One of my goals was to bring back some old fashioned communication. I want to write letters, send postcards and have more personal means of conversing. I already cancelled my facebook account, but that wasn't enough. So, this week I purchased a shiny "new" typewriter to really begin my writing idea. My beauty is a 1950's Hermes 3000 and it's a dream.

What goals do you have for the new year? Will working out more or losing weight make your list again? Will you try to spend more time with family, or less perhaps? What matters to you more this year than the last?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

No item shall be left behind....

Do you have a particular item you just can't stop purchasing for your home. Perhaps you see one and you walk around an entire store, but you are no longer seeing anything, only thinking about that one special item. I know for me, it's chairs and lamps. I have more chairs and lamps than I can possibly use in our home so they overflow into my studio and the garage. There are more places to sit in the backyard than anyone could need. Though, the same goes for lamps. I end up rotating them out because I love each of them, but don't really need them.

I find this obsessive love of a certain object happens more to collectors, antiquers and thifters than those who turn up their noses at formerly loved items. The small group of us that appreciate an item's past are more likely to have trouble walking away from an exceptional example of an item we love. There is something comforting about the items we know, a sort of trust that has built. I know that chairs can always be recovered, toss pillows rotated. I know that lamps are easy enough to fix once you've learned how. Thus these items are rarely ever in such a state of disrepair that I must leave them standing on their shelves, all alone and unloved.

To the right you'll see a few of my favorite lamp finds, though they are far from the entire collection. My green metal toleware lamp is from the 50's and has it's original linen shade. This sits downstairs next to a leather reading chair (found $15 at a going out of business sale). My bird lamp is a reproduction of an antique but still amazingly detailed. It was the very first lamp I fell in love with. The birds and leaves are all amber lucite. The shade is original to the lamp (found at an antique store for $75). Last is my wonderful and very unusually tall blue metal lamp with the milk glass torchiere top. It measures 24" high and sits in our library (traded with another vintage dealer).

What is your "can't walk away" item? Is there an item you have more of than you could possibly need? What do you do with all of these found objects?

Friday, December 3, 2010

Making your house a home....

Once you have a great couch, an area rug, an end table, etc. the rest becomes the dressing on the cake. The artwork and accessories you add to your room are what make your house a home and show off your personal interests. Don't be shy about mixing and matching. Be eclectic or modern, classic or country. Whichever style direction you choose to take, always be you.

In my home you will know many things about me before entering. I love red and painted my front door red the moment I realized I could. My house is comfortable with toss pillows, floor pillows and throw blankets strewn about. Frank Sinatra albums fill one wall because I love him, and this is my home. Antiques mingle comfortably with newer furnishings and color is never shied away from. Artwork ranges from an original pencil sketch of owls (a $20 flea market find) to aged wrought iron found in a little Spanish shop. Everything gathered together gathers our family together.

I challenge you to make your space your own. Visit your local flea market for affordable finds. Hunt Craigslist for that pricey designer sofa you've always wanted, but couldn't afford. You may just find a bargain. Don't be afraid of box stores either. Sand down frames and paint them to match your linens or paint a piece of furniture a contrasting hue to make it stand out in your room. You can't mess up your space if you make it personal.