Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day....

     Today is a very special day indeed, a day to recognize the wonderful fathers in our life. My dear hubby should win an award for all of his efforts. Not only does he work hard every day and support me being a stay at home mom, but he also does all the cooking in our house and is never too tired to help our son with his letters. After a long day at work he still has the energy for a good ole Lego war, exercising with me because he knows I'm trying to get buff, and a moment for a glass of wine out on the porch. He wears many hats, most of them a bit tight and constraining, but he never complains about a single one.

     My husband is a gardener and project coordinator, a chicken and dog handler, a spider killer, a bedtime monster slayer and a great story teller. He is a Sheriff Woody when one is needed, my partner puppy raiser, the head of our family and an example to many. He is smart and funny (even though he steals my jokes), kind and compassionate. My son and his dad have a bond tighter than epoxy and nothing is cuter than seeing my son's eyes light up when my husband walks through the door or the sad face he makes when daddy is working late.

     To you my dear husband and loving father of our son, on Father's Day, here's to you! To all of the dear dads I wish you a Happy Father's Day! There is nothing more wonderful than a man who cares, loves, protects and nurtures a family!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your heartfelt story and reminding us just how lucky we are to have DAD’s in our lives.
    Smiles, Paula


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