Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Embrace the small space......

     When you live in a small house rooms need to function and function well. Often times spaces take on a few jobs like office/craft room/ playroom or dining room/homework center. I figure you have two options; you can either embrace the small space or sparsely decorate and keep things open. I choose to embrace the smallness of our home. Sure, it's small and each room serves a few functions, but our family moves well within these walls and we are happy.

     Recently I decided I really wanted my antique Sellers table in my bedroom. This piece has been a favorite of mine for years and functions, for me, as a desk. Though we do have a small library/playroom/reading room the desk could not fit. This left me wondering if the desk could function as my nightstand and also give me a quiet place to write or answer emails when needed.

     So, I threw convention out, those who think you shouldn't have an office in your bedroom. I opted to give it a try. What are your thoughts on the space? Yes, it's small, but the light is great in the bedroom. My husband and I are enjoying the change thus far, but ask me again in a week.


  1. Thanks so much for the kind words you left on my post "cork backsplash" and thanks for following along! Tabitha@

  2. Hello Alexis,
    I think that your new addition of the desk, looks wonderful. I love the painting above your bed and the bright two-toned yellows on your walls.
    Smiles, Paula


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