Sunday, February 5, 2012

Guide Dog turn in day- Saying farewell to Moxie

     Yesterday was our guide dog turn in day at Guide Dogs of America. Moxie is now ready to go through testing for his formal training or what some puppy raisers call "doggie college." There were many sad faces at GDA, but I was smiling. Though Moxie has been a loyal and eager dog to train, his true job lies ahead. I'm excited for him and know that Camp GDA is a fun place to be.
One last photo out front.

Into the kennels.

     Over the next week Moxie will undergo many tests to make sure his health is sound. He'll have his eyes, ears, hips, etc. checked out. Once his vet testing is complete he'll be ready to start taking some trips out into public with the GDA trainers. They'll assess what his level of skills are and his eagerness to train. This is the crucial time for Moxie as many dogs do not make it to graduation (as many as half). We wish Moxie the best of luck and a fond farewell!


  1. Good Luck to Mr Moxie!

    I have found the last few turn in to be a celebration not a sad event. The pups are alway excited to be at the kennel and play with their new roommates check out the friends next store that they completely at ease with their new home for the next chapter in their livies. It makes leaving them there so much easier.

    The next question is are you on the list for a new baby I heard there are at lease four moms having puppies this month.

    Congratulations on you first turn in on you second puppy

    Now the fun part is to get the post cards in the mail did you know you pup can write?

  2. Denise, we aren't on the list for a new baby yet. We were offered a new little girl a month or so ago but we opted to wait as we have some traveling coming up. I'm sure by the end of this year we'll have our third puppy. In the meantime I'm looking forward to some "auntie" time puppy sitting and some volunteering for open house, etc.

  3. Awww...congratulations on a job well done! Yes, I understand the sad, but glad feelings on turn-in day. How great that Moxie was so happy to be at the kennels! Our paws are crossed that all goes well with physicals...hugs!

  4. It must be a bitter sweet moment for you, but congratulations on a job well done.

  5. Hello Alexis,
    It is so awesome that you have volunteered your time to help others in need. Nice work!
    Smiles, Paula


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