Monday, February 6, 2012

New coop sign...

     You know you have a best friend when they offer to support your mad chicken lady persona and even offer to hand paint you a sign for your coop. My friend Cindy is an amazing artist, who can pretty much paint or draw anything. So, when I asked for a sign for my coop she didn't hesitate to say "sure, I can do it!" Yesterday my new coop sign arrived and I'm absolutely thrilled with it.

     Our coop is lovingly called maison d'ouefs or home of eggs. Our girls, who now total six, are all doing well. We're getting plenty of eggs to share with friends. We're even talking of building our girls a new, larger coop. The sign is the perfect addition to the chicken yard. If you are wanting a custom hand painted sign you are in luck. I've finally convinced Cindy to open up an Etsy shop. It's still under construction but you can start convoing for custom work now. The details on my sign are truly amazing and well over twelve hours went into paint this sign to not only detail my chickens, but barn wood as well.

Cindy can be reached at Signs very in price. Mine would be about $80-$100 which isn't bad for a custom hand painted and unique to you chicken coop sign. I can't wait to order something else!


  1. ah I love this! Their coop is great, I bet they just love their new sign :))

  2. That sign is beautiful!! I will check out her shop...I have been meaning to put up a sign for three years.

  3. I saw your comment at Cozy Little House and decided to come by to visit - love your blog! I sent the link to my cousin who also has chickens, and one is missing - told her to check under the porch :) I'm your 50th follower (yay) and I added you to my blog roll. Stop by to visit me some time if you'd like. Hugs ~ Mary


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