Thursday, February 9, 2012

Survival of the fittest.....

     Not many vegetables or herbs are able to make it through our cold mountain winters. However, for the third year in a row I've found that our herbs are really fighting hard to stay alive. Rosemary has always does well in our garden, making it's reappearance around mid March. However, this year more than one herb is coming back seemingly from the dead.

     As this month leaves us wondering whether to plant our seeds (don't be lulled in) or wait until the weather warms more consistently, I find that it's a great time for some much needed fertilizing. Our fruit trees, herbs and potted flowers are all getting some organic fertilizer spikes. Our vegetable gardens are being spread with compost and manure to get the soil ready for planting to come. Our back 40 (feet) is still undergoing it's drastic makeover but we've made significant progress. This new back portion of our yard is really going to help us produce the food we want to both consume ourselves and also share with others.

     Now is also the best time to get in those seed orders. Many seed suppliers are already starting to sell out of a variety of things. You'll need time to start those seeds later this month and into March. Of course, you may decide to go ahead and start with small plants, and that's okay too. You can start now by getting an idea of what you'd like to plant and which foods your family likes to eat, as well as some experimental items you'd like to try. What gardening project are you working on now?

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  1. As tomorrow is going to be snowy with a high of 25 degrees, I'm thinking I'll be looking at the garden from inside by the fire :)


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