Friday, March 2, 2012

Busy weekend....

Glasses by Ray Ban
     This weekend will be full of chores and taxes, seed planting and sanding, organizing and hopefully some napping. So, in preparation, we finished all of our errands this evening. My son had his first dentist visit which went very well (no cavities) and I picked up my new glasses. Hooray!

     I can't believe it, but the seeds I just planted earlier this week are already sprouted and pushing out through their little peat pellets. Wow, pretty amazing actually. All of my initial seeds planted were purchased from Baker Creek Seeds and so far I can already see a difference. I'm excited to get some more starts going.

     What are your big plans this weekend?


  1. Hooray on the seeds. The storms have finally passed her and the sun is shining. Unfortunately there is a tradeoff. Three days of cold weather are coming. Oh well. it's March and March is a fickle month. :)

  2. Love the glasses! :)
    - Michelle F


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