Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Creative storage- vintage remixed

Locker baskets with wooden tags
     Ask any home owner what their number one problem with organizing would be and you will hear lack of storage at the top of the list. No matter the size of the house there never seems to be enough storage, or the right kind of storage for all those little bits and pieces and that creep into our lives. Often this leads to junk drawers (we have one three) or closets that spill out when you open the door.

china display turned book caddy
     When I'm out thrifting or at flea markets I'm always drawn to interesting containers, baskets, and the like. In our house a vintage laundry basket corrals all of our blankets downstairs which keep them handy for couch cuddling. We've utilized many vintage canisters in the kitchen pantry for sorting out staples and the bedrooms all have a container or two that are repurposed from a former life.

Tool box for thank you notes
     Using vintage containers for storage adds that rustic charm to a space and is so much more fun than plastic. Vintage locker baskets, unloved tool boxes and glass jars abound at flea markets and make organizing a bit for fun. What creative item do you use to organize your space?


  1. and it helps to save the earth by repurposing. :)

  2. Great ideas! Btw, thanks for linking up at Market Your Biz and Giveaways :)


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