Monday, March 5, 2012

Fun gardening gadget......

     I mentioned yesterday that I visited one of my favorite nurseries in Tehachapi, CA. This little oasis, Old Town Nursery, carries many unique items and a full line of hydroponic equipment as well. While picking out some basil in the greenhouse I stumbled on this great tray for use when potting at the kitchen sink. I love it!

     Though I do have a potting bench outside, it's currently still indoor gardening weather. I hate using my kitchen, but with a lack of a utility sink it's the best spot to do a little potting. This tray is wide enough to hold a few pots and has a nice deep tray. I was able to pot plants with no dirt on my counters and when I watered them the water conveniently drains off the tray and directly into the sink. Genius! I think I'd use this at the potting bench too as I hate getting my potting bench surface soaked.

     The seeds I planted just a few days ago are growing quickly and will soon be ready to go into their 4" pots. I'm really impressed with the strong roots I'm seeing in these organic non-GMO seeds. We are off to a good start with our garden so far!

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