Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saturday yard progress....

Pulling out raised beds
     This weekend we started tearing out our old raised beds as a first step in our yard makeover. We created a brick round and moved our fountain center stage. It's a little hard to see our yard all torn up this close to spring planting, but we'll be working overtime to complete at least a portion of the new raised beds before it's time to put our seed starts outside.

Moving fountain center
     Next step will be to mark off the spaces for the new garden beds and start pulling out the rock. We will also be lining both sides of the fence with long planters and filling those with plants as opposed to the sparse landscaping we have thus far. There are so many more projects to be done that my husband has broken everything down into phases.

Harriet- "Mooom, where are you going?"
     In other news I've been letting the chickens into the main yard for some weed maintenance. The girls are so good about attacking the weeds and leaving our other plants alone. Of course, I supervise. My Harriet (RIR) follows me everywhere. She's much more like a dog than a chicken and I just adore her.


  1. Harriet is such a good chicken name! I love how ours follow me around too!

  2. can't wait to see it when you get it finished :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by Alexis, and your advice! I can see you have been much more productive than I this weekend! (Wish I had a Harriet. I have dogs that follow me around like dogs, but they don't attack weeds or give me fresh eggs! Maybe one day I'll be lucky enough to have chickens.)


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