Sunday, March 2, 2014

Antiquing on the road- Pasadena Community College Flea Market

     Today is was rainy and kind of cool, but that didn't stop us from hitting the road in search of a little adventure. We caught the tail end of the Pasadena Community College Flea Market. This is a great event held the first Sunday of every month. Unlike nearby Rose Bowl Flea Market, the prices at this venue are more affordable. However, many of the sellers are the same. Much of the flea market is now held inside the parking garage (genius) which means it's nice and cool on summer days and sheltered from rain on days like today.

          Many of the vendors had already started to pack up by the time we reached the event. However, I was still able to pick up a great suitcase (bottom of the stack) to complete my night stand in the boy's room. It has an immaculate interior, leather trim and is navy. Perfect! At just $20 it was a great deal.

     I also snagged a really sweet bird print. This was part of a set of five but I am really out of wall space in the house. The seller was willing to let me purchase a single, and I think I got the best one! At $20 it was a good buy. The professional framing alone probably cost that.

     We found a little Chinese restaurant after the flea market where I got a fantastic fortune. Maybe we'll be hearing about a new adoption match this week? We'll see!

     We capped off the day with a trip to The Container Store for some always needed storage and were back home in time for a nice fire, a delicious dinner and some peace and quiet.

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  1. I love the luggage nightstand! It looks wonderful & what a clever way to corral little bits of odds & ends!


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